Skype ends support for Windows Phone 7, will focus on WP8 going forward


Windows Phone 7 users, brace yourself. This is not going to be pleasant reading.

Skype has announced today that they will no longer be developing for their Windows Phone 7 app. Going forward they will be focusing on Windows Phone 8 only. The vast majority of their Windows Phone users are on WP8, so they just don’t see the point in continuing to work on an outdated app. It’s not all doom and gloom for Windows Phone 7 users.

The existing WP7 Skype app will remain in the Store, and will continue to be operational. The app that is available now will be the app that is available for WP7 users until the end of time. All of the new features the Skype team is working on will go toward the Windows Phone 8 app.

This is a move we expect to see from other companies. Back in June WP8 usage finally passed WP7 usage. There isn’t much incentive left for developers to support apps on an outdated platform. WP8 is the future. If you’re still on a WP7 device your app situation is only getting worse.


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