Forum Talk: Lumia 820 getting hot, perfect laptop for students, and more!


Welcome to another edition of Forum Talk! What is Forum Talk? In an effort to get more eyes on threads in our forums we share them every Friday with the WinSource readers. Our forums aren’t incredibly active yet, but people are using them to ask questions and share experiences. Forum Talk is our attempt to show those threads to the outside world. Here are our favorites from this week:

New laptop for student

A guest is looking for a new laptop for school. Here are the requirements he lists: CD drive, Windows 7, able to be a tablet, and under $400. I’m not sure this device exists, but if it does please let our guest user know.

[WindowsPhone 8 Game] Vegetable Slicer

Love slicing games, but sick of fruit? Vegetable Slicer is for you. It’s your typical swipe slicing game with falling objects, but this time you can take out your anger on veggies.

Lumia 820 getting hot and battery drain

A member in our forums is a proud new Lumia 820 users. He was having some problems with battery drain and the phone getting hot to the touch. He found a solution to the problem. If you have these same issues check out his fix.

My first Lumia 820!

He also wrote a thread about getting the Lumia 820. He’s pretty excited about it. Welcome him to the Windows Phone Community!

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