Microsoft annnouces Surface Power Cover and Docking Station

power cover

As expected, Microsoft has announced a new Power Cover for their new Surface tablets. The Power Cover looks similar to the existing Touch and Type Covers, except it is a little thicker to accommodate the 30w battery. Microsoft did not give specific battery life numbers other than you can now “use it all day.” When folded up it looks like a leather book.

surface docking station

The  next accessory is Surface Docking Station. The tablet fits into the station and gives you access to several more ports and connectors. When docked, you get 4 USB ports (1 3.0), mini display port, Ethernet, audio-on, audio-out, and it can power two monitors. Essentially the docking station turns your Surface into a full-fledged desktop PC.

Speaking of accessories, the Type and Touch Covers are also getting updates. Type Cover is now almost as thin as the original Touch Cover, plus it’s backlit. Don’t ask how Microsoft managed to do that. Touch Cover is still insanely thin, and it comes in new colors…and also backlit.

[The Verge]

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