Microsoft officially announces Surface RT 2, will cost $450

surface 2

The Surface RT has not been one of Microsoft’s best products, but that isn’t stopping them from upgrading it. Today Microsoft announced a new model of what they call just “Surface 2,” as opposed to “Surface Pro 2.” The device looks very similar, except there is a new silver color option, but it is slightly thinner and lighter than the original.

Inside the device they have increased CPU speed dramatically. Anyone that has used a Surface RT will know how much of a difference that should make. The display is another huge upgrade: it is now a full 1080p HD display. The kickstand is now adjustable, just like on Surface Pro 2. In the past the Surface was about trade-offs, but not this year. Surface 2 will launch with Windows RT 8.1.

Surface 2 is available in 32GB and 64GB configurations; it will start at $449. Pre-orders begin tomorrow, and devices will ship on October 22nd.

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