Microsoft somehow adds backlit keys to the Touch Cover, and also makes it thinner

touch backlit

Microsoft wowed us last year with the insanely thin Touch Cover for Microsoft Surface. We didn’t know if they could ever make a keyboard thinner than that, but of course they did. Touch Cover 2 is now 1mm thinner than last years model…and they added backlit keys. The only way to explain how this is possible is that Microsoft has made a deal with the devil.

touch sensors

Last years model had 80 sensors packed into the thin keyboard, and it actually worked really well. This years model has over 1,000 sensors to sense every single little touch and tap on the keyboard. Once again, we have no idea how Microsoft managed to do this, but the good news is it will work on current Surface tablets. No word on pricing yet.

The Verge

  • Oh wow, that’s a lot of new sensors. Amazing how they crammed a backlight into that thing, too!

  • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

    Agreed. As technology becomes smaller, more sensors can be implemented.

    This can also define one of the reasons why I think that “Graphene” is the best material for sensors:

    – Its 2D structure can allow for higher electrical conductivity, even more so than “Silver”, so LESS energy is “wasted”.
    – Highly sensitive to its surroundings.
    – Flexible, allowing for foldable electronic devices
    – Claimed to be the “strongest” material in “tensile strength”
    – It can be used as extremely efficient “quantum dots”, so that only a small amount of voltage is required to illuminate it. Can be used in backlights, displays, lasers, lamps, and more…