Surface Pro 2 vs. Macbook Air 2013


The Surface Pro may have the body of a tablet, but make no mistake, this is an ultrabook in disguise. As such it is in direct competition with dozens of high-end devices, including Apple’s popular Macbook Air. Does the Surface Pro 2 have what it takes to be a full-on ultrabook? Microsoft wants us to think it can, but what do the specs say? Let’s take a look.

surface pro 2 mac air

Even Playing Field

The remarkable thing about comparing these two device is just how similar they really are. The Surface Pro 2 wins on-screen resolution, battery life, price, and cameras. The Macbook Air wins on storage, and if you prefer a slightly larger screen. They have the same processors and memory options which should mean they will run relatively similar.

Specs Don’t Say it All

It’s easy to look at the specs and just say “I’ll buy the cheaper one,” but especially in this case specs aren’t the only thing that matters. The Surface Pro 2 does have the specs to compete with an ultrabook, but the design may make that difficult to do in real life. Microsoft has made the kickstand adjustable so it hopefully works on the lap better, but we imagine an Air is still better in that situation.

Having a tablet as a computer has its pros and cons. Whether it’s right for you will depend on your circumstances. What device would you prefer? Are you buying a Surface Pro 2?

  • Tavis Dunn

    FYI, the Surface Pro 2 starts at 64Gb, not 32GB.

  • Your storage is off. I thought the Pro 2 starts at 64gb and can go all the way to 512gb. I definitely want the Pro 2 over the MacBook, but pricewise, you should really throw a keyboard on it for fairness, which makes the Pro 2 cost just a bit more.

  • Yes, put correct data for Surface Pro 2 – 64/128/256/512 GB

  • Abhijeet Haval

    Surface pro is also available with 128GB, 256GB and 512GB storage . Plus 200GB of Skydrive space free for 2 years. Plus MicroSD card slot.
    And it runs millions of Windows programs alredy available.

  • Abhijeet Haval

    Mac what?

  • CX1

    Might want to add another line to the chart. Touch Screen – yes – no.

  • woodgeek

    Seriously. The touch screen category should be added and fix the SSD sizes. The Pro 2 64GB and 128 GB have 4GB RAM & the 256 and 512 have 8GB. The Pro 2 comes with Windows 8.1 Pro.


    Yup, they also need to add the included Wacom pen, touch screen and micro sd slot, can’t believe this is a MS site and they don’t even show all the info

  • Exwindowsjunkie

    But the MacBook Pro has a real os… #exwindowsjunkie

  • Ali Razeghi

    A real OS that has 5% of the market share, VS Windows that has over 80%. Pretty clear your ‘real os’ comment is just flame bait.

  • Vivek Garg

    Surface Pro 2 is a must have device

  • Have to say, the sp2 is the better machine here..OS / ecosystem aside. I’m fine with Windows 8, so there’s very little reason for me to go the air route. It fits my lifestyle perfectly, and can do so many things the air can’t.

  • Trung Vong

    Add $130 to the Surface for the Type Cover.

  • Joe

    Type Cover also adds thickness.

  • Graig

    intel graphics 5000 on the macbook air, but 4400 on the surface pro? and less battery life.. and a bigger battery? how does that even happen?

  • Graig

    i’m tempted to sell my macbook pro retina to buy this thing. if it were great for gaming i would do it. i wonder how well skyrim runs on it?


    Storage is completely off… this article just lost some of it’s credibility. Disappointing…

  • yanivc

    For reals! I cannot believe they left that out!

  • joe blow

    a full hd touchscreen + a different operation system that manage the power diffirently

  • Yaroslav

    As a person who understands computers, I knew my surface is great, and I would rather have it then any mac. BUT I DID NOT KNOW IT BETTER THEN MAC IN EVERY SINGLE THING. And it works fine on lap… :)

  • THatch

    Also MicroSD.

  • THatch

    I bought a surface pro 2. It replaced my laptop and my ipad with ease. I still have a mac desktop, and they work together just fine. I never use the first kickstand angle (it sucks) the second one is way better. I got the 256 gb and 8gb version. Fast and amazing. I use adobe photoshop, illustrator, and dreamweaver all the time for work, the surface pro 2 flies through it. Games are nice with 360 controllers. I love my surface pro 2.