Nokia Lumia 929: Verizon’s version of the Lumia 1520 with smaller 1080p display

lumia 929 verizon

Speaking of Nokia’s crazy naming scheme, it appears Verizon will be getting an update to the Lumia 928. @evleaks shared a press render for a device called the “Lumia 929,” and it looks like a smaller version of the Lumia 1520 phablet headed to AT&T. The screen size is allegedly smaller than the 6-inch 1520, but everything else is the same.

The Lumia 929 is rumored to still have a 1080p display and 20MP PureView camera, which we can see in the press render. The render lines up perfectly with the leaked white version from earlier this month. Hopefully we will hear more about this device next month.

With a name like “Lumia 929” we’re guessing that Nokia just names these devices whatever Verizon wants. Verizon probably thinks that keeping it similar to the Lumia 928 will not over-complicate things. I actually think having phones with such similar names will hurt the sales. What do you think?

  • Lance Stern

    I think they should come up with a new naming convention as well. I definitely would get confused with names if I didn’t obsessively look up Lumia news every hour or so … >_>

  • cybersaurusrex

    Would I leave AT&T for this? Maybe. But I need more photos & more specs.