Windows Store now holds 100,000 applications


Microsoft is busy launching new Surface tablets today, and a big part of their Surface goal is to have great apps to run on them. Last year Microsoft announced Surface with only 10,000 apps in the Windows Store. Today Microsoft has announced they Store is now home to over 100,000. That is a huge growth over just one year.

Panos Panay mentioned the upcoming Flipboard and Facebook apps for Windows 8, but he did not mention any specific release date. We’ll just have to keep waiting.

Check out our announcement posts for the Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 for more details about these new devices. Microsoft has made a lot of improvements, which should make it very enjoyable to use the 100,000 apps in the Windows Store.

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    They really have to stop counting all the junk apps. Its not the number that matters, its how good they are. There are VERY few apps on the windows store that are worth downloading. That being said, those very few, are all the apps that I will ever need. So I’m happy with my surface RT. I just need flipboard now.