Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 now up for pre-order, are you getting one?

surface pro 2 surface 2

Yesterday Microsoft announced the new Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 tablets. These new devices are significant upgrades to the devices announced last year. Faster, leaner, stronger, and longer lasting. Today both new models are available for pre-order, and they will ship out on October 22nd. There are several different versions to choose from, depending on your needs.

Surface Pro 2

  • 64GB – $899
  • 128GB – $999
  • 256GB – $1299
  • 512GB – $1799

Surface 2

  • 32GB – $449
  • 64GB – $549

Surface Pro 2 ships with Windows 8.1, while Surface 2 runs Windows RT 8.1. Both come with 200GB of free SkyDrive storage and unlimited Skype calling. There are also several awesome accessories to choose from.

  • Docking Station – Early 2014
  • Wireless Adapter for keyboard covers – $59.99
  • Touch Cover 2 – $119.99
  • Type Cover 2 – $129.99
  • Surface Music Kit – Coming Soon
  • Power Cover – Early 2014

The Wireless Adapter allows you to use the new Touch or Type Cover without it being physically attached to the Surface tablet. The adapter turns the keyboard cover into a Bluetooth keyboard. How cool is that? Our favorite accessory is Touch Cover 2, which is thinner than the previous model and it has backlit keys. We have no idea how Microsoft pulled that off.

Pre-order Surface Pro 2 or Surface 2 at Microsoft’s website right now. Your order will ship on October 22nd. Which one are you getting?

  • Mike E. Delta

    I am TOTALLY getting the Surface 2, I want you all to see who I am and what I’m saying. I AM BUYING THE SURFACE 2. Come Christmas time, when I gets paid.

  • CX1

    Price difference on Pro model is absurd.

  • bawboh

    I would love to have the Pro 2 (and my GF wants one as well), but I won’t be able to afford one until after we get through birthdays this month and next, and Christmas. Then I’m saving up to buy each of us one. :)

  • Billscarnage

    Neither. the g1 still works just fine for me. Though I am keen on the hardware upgrades – what the g1 should have been.

  • 925

    Same here need to save some money too, but at the moment I’m still loving my Surface RT.

  • bawboh

    I do like the RT, but there are times I feel I have to bring my laptop (OG Lenovo Yoga 13) instead because I need to do more. If I had a Surface Pro 2, I’d be willing to sell off both the RT and Yoga. Maybe MS will update their trade-in program to include their Surfaces, as well.