SnapChat could be waiting on Windows Phone 8 GDR3 to release their app


Remember SnapChat? It has been a long time since we talked about the popular disposable photo app. The last time we talked about SnapChat was back in July when they asked SwapChat to remove their app from the Windows Phone Store. We thought that they were paving the way for their official app, but nothing has happened since then. What is the reason for the hold-up?

Turns out it may be a software issue. Rudy Huyn tweeted about SnapChat recently, and he was given an interesting response from a Australian tech blogger. He says SnapChat needs GDr3 in order for the app to be able to detect screenshots. We have no idea where he is getting his information, but it does make sense. Being able to tell users their photo was screenshot is an important feature.

GDR3 is scheduled to be released in Q4 this year. Hopefully SnapChat can be announced alongside the new software update. Are you a SnapChat user? Do you still want this app?

  • Steve Handy

    I’ve been waiting for months for snapchat. So many people have asked for my snapchat and I have to say I don’t have it.

  • Mikaila_

    It better hurry, I cant wait to have my snapchat back! Ugh I’ve missed it so much, and this snapchat unofficial thing sucks everytime I log in it just closes the app -.- but can’t wait till actual snapchat comes out!! ❤

  • Katie

    its the one app I actually really want! please hurry!

  • Lord Steve King

    If Microsoft do not do more to encourage application providers to build their apps for the Windows Phone then they are soon going to be loosing alot of users! SnapChat needs to be made!! I managed to get hold of SwapChat before it got removed and it works – to an extent. I even went to the lengths of emailing SnapChat offering to develop this myself! But they won’t let me ;( If anyone wants to receive random silly faces on snapchat add me steve-design

  • Rod

    Come on snapchat, haul this one out, we all desperately want it!

  • Kirsten

    YES!!! WE NEED SNAPCHAT. It’s a must have for the windows store!

  • Wonder Girl

    Comeee on snapchat WE ALL DESPERATELY WANT IT “!!!!

  • Igor

    Snapit is same thing.