Windows Phone 8.1 screenshots reveal “Cortana” and new features of the Lock Screen

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It wouldn’t be a new week without some new Windows Phone 8.1 leaks. Today we have some screenshots of an alleged WP8.1 lockscreen. These screenshots are from @qxerro, who has been steadily leaking stuff from WP8.1. Since nothing official has been shown about Windows Phone 8.1 we have no way of knowing how true any of this stuff is. Regardless, it does look promising.

First up is some new subtle lock screen changes. There is now a time listed next to the alarm icon, the battery percentage is shown in the top status bar, and there is a gear icon in the pass code dialer. None of these are particularly amazing changes, unless the gear icon allows users to use things like photo unlock (like Windows 8).

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In the screenshot with the time next to the alarm icon we can see that something is underneath the lock screen wallpaper. @qxerro at first didn’t reveal what it was, but earlier today he shared the full uncropped photo. This may be our first look at Microsoft’s Siri-like voice assistant codenamed “Cortana.” Personally, I think this looks a little too good to be true.

If Cortana truly does look and act like the screenshot it will be an awesome tool. We assume it would open with a long press of the Start button, just like voice commands work currently. All we can say is “please be true!”

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    Cortana better be blue/purple.