Turn any Touch or Type Cover into a Bluetooth keyboard with Microsoft’s Wireless Adapter

wireless adapter keyboard cover

Yesterday Microsoft unveiled several new accessories to go along with their new Surface tablets. One that didn’t make the stage is the Wireless Adapter for Keyboard Covers. This simple little device connects to any Touch or Type Cover, via magnets of course, and turns it into a Bluetooth keyboard.

Why would you want this? The best place for the keyboard is not always directly in front of the screen. This could be useful if you prefer to have the keyboard in front of you with the tablet off to the side, or if you want to control the Surface from a distance. Also, it makes the covers compatible with any device with Bluetooth, which is pretty cool.

You can pre-order one today (as well as the new Surface tablets) for $59.99. Anyone adding one of these to their cart along with a shiny new Surface?


  • Chris

    Seems like an interesting accessory, but with such a small screen I wouldn’t want it too far away. I think it would get best use when the surface was hooked up to a TV or some other larger screen.