Hands-on with Phonly, the first Windows Phone app built for Feedly [Video]


Windows Phone has a wealth of beautiful RSS readers available. Most of these RSS readers, such as Nextgen Reader, started life as Google Reader apps. When Google shut down Reader earlier this year they were forced to find new services. Many adopted Feedly, but they still retain the look of a Google Reader app. They don’t have that Feedly feel.

Phonly is the first Windows Phone app to be built specifically for Feedly. We’re big fans of Nextgen Reader here at WinSource, but we decided to give Phonly a try. First thing we noticed is how much the design reflects the Feedly website and mobile apps. Trade the Phonly logo for a Feedly logo and we wouldn’t know this isn’t an official app. The design is beautiful and functional.

phonly screens

The app is split into four swipable pages: Today, All, Categories, and Saved For Later. Today shows a magazine view of the top stories in your feed. All obviously shows everything in your feed, along with round thumbnails. Categories gives you quick access to individual website feeds and shows what sites have unread content. Saved For Later displays everything you have marked to save.

The article page is very easy to read, and it retains all the correct formatting from the website. Of course you can always choose to go read the article in Internet Explorer if something is displayed wrong. Simple right and left swipe gestures from the edge of the screen navigate to next or previous articles. It all works really well.

Phonly has some tough competition from other RSS apps, but for a brand new app it holds up well. Beautiful design and easy navigation make this app a joy to use. If you’re a Feedly user you should definitely check out Phonly. Be sure to watch our hands-on video above. Phonly is free for Windows Phone 8 devices.

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