Microsoft Surface ‘mini’ said to be delayed until Spring 2014

surface blueprint

Just a couple of hours ago we were talking about the Microsoft Surface “mini” and its alleged 7.5-inch display. That was the good news, but now it’s time for the bad news.¬†We were hoping to see Microsoft’s 7-inch version Surface this holiday season, but it looks like 2014 is more likely. ZDNet reports that Microsoft is delaying the launch due to a needed software update.

The needed software update is said to be a “GDR” release. Windows Phone users know the GDR updates as incremental, but more frequent updates. The Windows 8.1 GDR update is scheduled for Sprint 2014, and is reportedly very big. Unfortunately that means we won’t see a Surface mini until March/April (or whatever they think Spring is).

The Verge has even more info about the GDR update for Windows 8.1. They say Microsoft will stick to small monthly updates, but the GDR will be an exception. It will be released around the time of Windows Phone 8.1. The goal of the update will be to work better with Windows Phones.

Are you going yo keep waiting for a smaller Surface tablet, or are you just going to pick up one of the new models? We can’t wait to see a smaller Surface!

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Will they match Acer Iconia Tab W3’s price? I doubt it.

  • I also doubt it.