‘Windows Gift Card’ up for pre-order on Amazon to replace Microsoft Points cards

windows gift cards

In August we finally put Microsoft Points to rest for good. However, you’ve probably noticed that Microsoft Points Gift Cards are still at-large in stores across the country. Back in May there was a leaked render of “Windows Gift Cards” to replace the Points cards. It looks like those cards will be coming soon.

Amazon has a $15 “Microsoft Windows Gift Card” up for pre-order right now. The listing says the card will ship on October 18th, which just happens to be launch day for Windows 8.1. Amazon has been known to post things too early, which is exactly what could be happening here. There is no photo of the card available, but the seller is listed as “Microsoft.”

Gift cards aren’t the most exciting thing in the world, but what is exciting is how they can be used. The Microsoft Points cards were only good for Xbox purchases, but these new Windows cards will be able to buy things in the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. Sounds like the perfect stocking stuffer!


Thanks Mike!

  • The overall design of the gift card could be improved a lot…

  • Really? I think they look okay.

  • That’s the thing, they do look okay. I don’t know, the tiles’ colors are what bothers me but I understand why they’re there.