Do you like Ctrl+Alt+Del? Bill Gates admits it was a mistake


Bill Gates doesn’t often talk about Windows these days, but when he does we listen. In a recent interview at Harvard, Gates talked about his early days at Microsoft. One of the smaller details discussed was the infamous Ctrl+Alt+Del key combination. Turns out Gates never liked it.

Gates places the blame on IBM. The key combonation was originally designed to reboot the PC. It was used by Microsoft to login to the computer. The combination was supposed to prevent other apps from logging in and stealing passwords. Gates says they wanted a single button on the keyboard to do this, but the IBM keyboard designer refused.


In recent times the combination is used more for opening the task manager, but some corporations still use it to login with Windows XP and 7. Personally, I never really thought much about it. It’s just one of those natural computer commands now. Do you like Ctrl+Alt+Del? Do you even care?

[via The Verge]

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