DualShot for Windows Phone 8 takes photos like ‘Frontback’

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One of the benefits of being an iOS user is you often get cool new apps before everyone else. One of the latest popular iOS apps I’ve been jealous about is called “Frontback.” The app takes a photo with the back camera and front camera to show what you see and your reaction to it.

This can be very fun and it’s also an easy way to show your current emotion. Windows Phone currently has one or two apps that try to do this, but they don’t do it very well. A new app called “DualShot” aims to be the first to do it right. The app will be released early tomorrow, but today we have an early look.


The app is simple. First it takes a photo of what you are looking at with the rear camera, then immediately takes another photo with the front camera. The two photos are stacked on top of each other and merged into one shareable photo. You can then add filters and share the photo to your social networks.

We can’t wait for you to check out the app tomorrow. Hit the button below after midnight tonight to download DualShot for free on Windows Phone 8!

UPDATE: Available now. Go get it!

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