Good Artists Copy: Can you tell these iOS 7 and Windows Phone apps apart?

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iOS 7 has introduced a drastically new look to iPhone and iPad users across the world. Many apps have received updates to bring their design up to speed with iOS 7. As these updates have been rolling in we’ve noticed something interesting. While iOS 7 in general is very different from Windows Phone, it appears the apps are looking almost identical.

Throughout this page there are nine screenshots of popular apps. Four of them belong to iOS, while the other five are Windows Phone. Anyone that has used either of these OS’ extensively could probably tell the apps apart…or could they? How about an Android user? Give it a try for yourself.

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For the fun of it I showed these nine screenshots to an iOS 7 user (my sister), and asked her to pick out the iOS apps. After looking at the screenshots very closely (it took her a while to choose, I might add) she made her picks. In the top three she chose the 2nd and 3rd app, in the second three she chose the 1st app, and in the last three she chose the first app.

ios WP apps

Was she correct? Click here to find out. The point of this whole exercise is to show how similar iOS and Windows Phone apps have become. When you strip away the status bar it becomes a mash-up of gradients, colorful headers, white backgrounds, and flat icon buttons.

For years people have been praising Windows Phone for its elegant and minimal design. Now it appears app developers, in coordination with Apple’s new design, have adopted “Metro” as their own. As Nokia said during Apple’s iPhone 5S event, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” Good artists copy, great artists steal. Someone call the police.

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  • Rohit Chauhan

    Very true. I find Windows Phone interface more visually pleasing than iOS 7, which looks like it desperately needs another polishing update.