Hands-on with DualShot for Windows Phone 8 (and kittens) [Video]

Late last night a new app arrived in the Windows Phone Store called DualShot. This app is Windows Phone’s version of Frontback for iOS. Frontback is a nifty little app that takes a photo with the rear and front cameras to show your POV and reaction. It’s a really fun app, which is why the developers decided to create DualShot.

When you open the app it immediately jumps into taking the first photo with the rear camera. If your phone has a flash you can turn it to on, off, or auto before snapping the pic. To take a photo just tap the screen and it will autofocus before capturing the photo. After that it will immediately switch to the front facing camera, and once again you tap to take the photo.

dualshot screens

If you don’t like one of the photos just tap it to retake it. Once you have something that looks good tap the big check mark icon in the middle of the screen. Here you can add filters and share it to Facebook, Twitter, or set it as your lockscreen. Filters is something that Frontback doesn’t even have, which is pretty cool.

I have tried other apps that attempt to be Frontback, but none of them even come close to DualShot. The app works very fast, and using it couldn’t be simpler. I also love that it works as a Camera Lens app. The sharing options make it easy to quickly share the photo to your favorite social network instead of having to do it from the Photo Hub. Speaking of the Photo Hub…

The only gripe I have with DualShot is how it displays the finished photos. After the top and bottom photo are combined they create a photo that is taller and narrower than the screen. Instead of having back bars on the side of the photo it gets stretched to width. This makes it look a little weird in the app, but the actual photo looks fine everywhere else.

dualshot stretch

Overall I really love this app. It’s a fun way to show people what you are doing, and also your current emotion. Instead of just sharing a photo of some kittens with the caption “awwww” you can share a photo of kittens and your “awwwww” face. DualShot is available for free on Windows Phone 8 devices. Tweet your photos at @WinSource and we will retweet our favorites!

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  • Edgar Cervantes

    HAHA! Nice cat! And I like the idea of this app. Wish it was more like the Android phones, though. The front camera box is small and you can move it around.

  • There are apps that do that, but that isn’t the point of this app.

  • Barry Weston

    cicada…the bug is a cicada

  • lol I was just having some fun.