Microsoft working to merge Windows Store and Windows Phone Store by Spring 2014

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Currently Microsoft has two separate app stores: the Windows Store and the Windows Phone Store. In order to get an app on both phones and PCs/tablets you have to submit the app to both places (there is a lot more that goes into it, but you get the point). This is a little annoying. All Windows apps should be in the same place, and Microsoft thinks so too.

The Verge is reporting that Terry Myserson,┬áhead of the operating systems group, plans to merge the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store into one. This was said at an internal meeting at Microsoft. This change is expected to come with the next release of Windows Phone and Windows 8 by Spring 2014. That’s not too far away.

Desktop apps on phones…phone apps on desktop?

The details of how this will work are still largely up in the air. We don’t know if Windows Phone apps will scale up to big screens, only be used in Snap View, or if they will even be downloadable on PCs at all. We also don’t know how Windows apps will work on a phone, though most already have the capability to scale down in Snap View. This is a very interesting time for Windows.

  • timmyjoe42

    What does Sprint have to do with the store?

  • Tavis Dunn

    SPRING. SPRING. SPRING. Come on man.



  • Jiro K

    This is the only thing I want from windows because the phone apps are great but the pc apps are so few