Microsoft’s new Surface 2 ad shows how it’s the only device you need [Video]

Microsoft’s last generation of Surface ads left a lot to be desired. There was dancing, dubstep, clicking, and singing, but not any actual information. With Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 they have a new ad that is much better at conveying Microsoft’s message of having one device to do it all.

The ad takes us through several different scenarios for when a Surface 2 would be handy. These scenarios range from a photographer during a photo shoot to a passenger on a plane. They show off everything from the Snap View to having a USB port. These ads are much more emotional than the previous “in your face” ads from last generation. We think they do a much better job at making us want a Surface.

What do you think? Loud dancing or soft personal ads? Which ads do you like best? Do any of the ads make you want a Surface?


Thanks Wil!

  • 89caps

    I wish they would display more of the fun apps that can be used on the Surface. The majority of people aren’t amazing artists and most people don’t like doing real work on a tablet. I liked the idea of the first Nexus tablet ads where the dad and son were camping the backyard watching videos.

  • Jody A Morgan

    This was the biggest complaint I had. their old ads sucked. I hope the fired all who were involved in the old ad campaign. Every time I pull out my surface pro and start writing on it I get asked what is that. then I detach the keyboard and roll my eyes as everyone then recognizes it. It is a shame the keyboard was the focus and not things like the stylus digitizer or office suite like this ad. They would have sold more of them for sure.

  • Joe, I have to say that Microsoft has always been off when it comes to marketing their products. Just look at the Surface 2! It’s a mess the way Microsoft removed the RT from the end of the name. Why would they remove RT from the name but stick it with Windows RT 8.1? It’s just confusing to the end user. Or even worse, they might buy it and then realize they have a half-baked operating system after dishing out $500 for what they thought was going to be a revolutionary tablet.