Best Windows Phone apps and games from the month of September


Summer officially ended this month, but that didn’t mean the app releases cooled off. The leaves are dropping from trees, and apps are dropping into the Windows Phone Store. Some awesome apps, and some even more awesome games, were released this month. Check out the best (in alphabetical order) below.


Throughout your day, the 7-Eleven app keeps up with you, customizing and personalizing your experience from the minute you open it. Not only can you see 7-Eleven store locations near you, but you can star your favorites, filter locations by services like hot food, gas, propane and more.

Adidas miCoach

Basically miCoach turns your phone into a personal coach. The app becomes your motivating companion while you train and workout. When you need a little boost the miCoach will provide motivation by voice coaching you to meet your goal.

Angry Birds Star Wars II


This game focuses more on the Star Wars  prequels. That can be a good or a bad thing, depending on who you are. Environments like Naboo and characters like Darth Maul have been added. New powers have also been added, such as Darth Maul’s classic double-bladed lightsaber.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports offers news, scores, and stats for all the sports you watch. Baseball, football, golf, basketball, etc. You get access to all of CBS’ sports coverage. They have included lockscreen wallpapers and live tiles for Windows Phone users as well.


dualshot screens

The app is simple. First it takes a photo of what you are looking at with the rear camera, then immediately takes another photo with the front camera. The two photos are stacked on top of each other and merged into one shareable photo. DualShot is based on of the iOS app Frontback.

Heroes of Mythology

Heroes of Mythology is a throwback to the 2D beat ‘em up games, and it’s tons of fun. You can play as either the spear-wielding Achilles, or the hammer-wielding Hercules. The game consists of waves of enemies, and it is your job to defeat them. At your disposal is on-screen attack and dodge buttons. Pressing the attack button three or four times repeatedly will perform special combo attacks.

Monsters University

monster u

In this game you play as Mike, Sulley, or Squishy. You compete in mini-games based off of events from the movie. Games like Catch Archie, Toxicity Challenge, and many more! It’s a ton of fun to play these mini-games, and they all work well at killing time when you’re bored.

NFL Fantasy Football

Manage your Fantasy Football teams on the go. The official NFL Fantasy Football app is your ultimate fantasy companion on the go. LIve scoring, setting lineups, monitoring transactions, and even multiple teams is all possible in the app.

PGA Tour

Get weekly inside access to the PGA TOUR’s best players and events with the official PGA TOUR Application.   This application will enable you to follow every stroke of every player throughout the season.


phonly screens

Phonly is the first Windows Phone app to be built specifically for Feedly. First thing we noticed is how much the design reflects the Feedly website and mobile apps. Trade the Phonly logo for a Feedly logo and we wouldn’t know this isn’t an official app. The design is beautiful and functional.


This Western-style game will remind you of Red Dead Redemption. It’s open-world, and full of Wild West fun. You play as Buck Crosshaw. There are quests for Buck to complete, and usually they involve riding a horse or shooting guns. After all it is called “Six-Guns.”


Working? Relaxing? At the gym? Songza plays you the right music at the right time. Songza is free, with no listening limit. Songza’s ‘Music Concierge’ finds the right music for your moments. Browse a curated playlist library organized by activity, genre, decade, & mood.

Where’s My Water? 2


Swampy is back in action again this time, but his two friends (who were downloadable in the first game) are not by his side from the start. The standard gameplay that made this game so popular is still the main part of this game, but now there is new “Duck Rush” levels. There are also some new locations, such as a soap factory and the beach.

Wreck-it Ralph

Wreck-it Ralph is based on the 2012 movie of the same name. This game is composed of five mini games: Fix-it Felix Jr., Hero’s Duty, Sweet Climber, Turbo Time, and Flight CommandFix-it Felix is probably the most well know of the bunch, as it features the game that Ralph is from.

Did we miss any apps? What was your favorite app of the month? Let us know in the comments below!

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