Nokia Lumia 929 and Lumia 525 rumored


Nokia has several new devices on the horizon, and we start this week with two of them. The Lumia 929 was rumored last week, and now we are hearing even more about it. The 929 will replace the 928 on Verizon. It is expected to have a 5-inch 1080p display and a 20MP camera. It is essentially a slightly smaller version of the 1520.

The second device is a successor to the Lumia 520 called the 525. This is actually a critically important device for Windows Phone. The 520 is the most popular Windows Phone device in the world. It’s affordability has made it popular in emerging markets and among bargain buyers. The 525 needs to keep that success going.

[via The Verge]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    AAAH! So the 525 will probably be Verizon’s version of the 520? That’s cool. Verizon needs more good, affordable devices.