Watch This: Steve Ballmer’s tearful goodbye to Microsoft

Over the weekend Steve Ballmer attended his last annual Microsoft employee meeting. Ballmer will be retired by this time next year, so this was his chance to say goodbye to thousands of Microsoft employees. For all the goofy and insane things that Ballmer has done over the years, his farewell is the exact opposite. The Verge was lucky enough to capture it on video.

In a bright yellow polo, in front of thousands of Microsoft employees, Steve Ballmer cried his eyes out. He praised the employees that have made Microsoft “the greatest company in the world.” He thanked everyone profusely, and promised the best is yet to come. Ballmer is often mocked for his zany antics, but he does it all for his love of the company.

We can debate all day about whether Ballmer was a good CEO or not, but one thing that isn’t up for debate is his love for Microsoft. He referred to the company as a child to him. We can only hope that his replacement has a fraction of the love for the company that Ballmer had. At the end of the meeting Ballmer selects “The Time of My Life” song to play him off the stage. It is very fitting.

  • yanivc

    He is definitely one of the best. I will sorely miss him.

  • Rand0m3

    Can they hire Steve Ballmer to replace Steve Ballmer? Is that possible? :)

  • Edgar Cervantes

    This is so Ballmer. LOL. Never liked him, but I sure will never forget him.