Flux returns to the Windows Phone Store with Feedly support

flux feedly reveal 02

When Google shut down Reader a lot of Windows Phone apps were affected. Several quickly integrated with Feedly before the shut down occurred, but other developers were not as quick. Flux is one RSS reader that has disappeared since Reader went down. Today they have finally updated the app with Feedly support, and now it is back in the Store.

Flux has been around on Windows Phone for a long time, however this might be the first time you’ve seen it. Flux’s best feature is its simplicity. It’s easy to switch between subscriptions, folders, and articles by just swiping through the pivots. There are also a number of gestures that can be set up, such as double-tap to mark read/unread.

Feedly support is the obvious big new feature here, and we’re glad to see it. Feedly has become the de facto Google Reader replacement. It’s been a long time to wait for Flux users, but now the app is back and better than ever. Download it below for Windows Phone 8 and 7, including low-memory devices, for $2.49 and free trial (give it some time).

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[via WPDaily]

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