Microsoft turns on Windows Gift Cards in the Windows 8.1 Store


Last week we wrote about Windows Gift Cards showing up on Amazon. These new cards will replace the existing Microsoft Points cards that you’ve probably seen at Walmart and Target. The new Windows Gift Cards will be redeemable in any Store owned by Microsoft. This functionality has already been spotted in the Windows 8.1 Store.

To use the Gift Card in the Windows Store you simply enter the code in your account information. After that it will show up as a payment option when you purchase an app. Gift Cards may not seem like a big deal, but they actually are very important. Apple and Google both have gift cards for their respective stores, and Microsoft needs them too.

One example for why gift cards are important is kids. Kids from anywhere between 0-16 probably don’t have credit cards, which happens to be the only way to buy things online. With a gift card they can just enter the code and buy apps. This makes Windows Gift Cards great for any young Windows Phone users. Do you want Windows Gift Cards?

[via MS News]


  • bikdav

    These cards need to come out soon. I’d like to buy some apps the easy way. Has anyone heard when this changeover happens?