Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 GDR2/Amber update coming in the next few weeks


If you have a Lumia 920 you are probably waking up every day and checking to see if the GDR2/Amber update is available. We know how frustrating that can be. Many devices have already received GDR2, but for some reason Nokia’s first flagship WP8 device has not. According to AT&T it is still on its way.

A community manager in the AT&T Forums says “we are nearing the final stages of testing and expect the GDR2/Amber update to be available in the coming weeks.” It’s weird that other Nokia devices have received this update so quickly, but yet the 920 seems to be taking a long time. We’re not sure why the update would be taking so much longer on the 920.


How many of you are waiting for this update still? Have any of you bravely flashed the update on your own? Hopefully GDR2 gets here soon for the 920, because GDR3 is just around the corner.

[via Pocketnow]

  • Right Choice ?

    I really like my Windows phone, but it is things just like this late update and the absence of some apps (several apps that I would like are available for the Apple, Android, and even Blackberry OS, but not for Windows) that make we wonder if I should have gone with another OS.

  • Erich Slipsager

    you’d be no better off with android and at&t. When I had my Samsung android I remember them lollygagging around for months on updates every one else had. Simple fact of the matter is that they have no incentive to make your phone better, and you’re most likely locked into a contract.
    the only one worth a damn on updates is apple – and its not because of at&t but in spite of them. They’re the only one that controls all aspects of their device.

  • Tommyb

    Better off with android, – wasn’t it android, that you had to wait a year for an update (Android is VERY fragmented)

  • Abstract

    That’s exactly what he said “You’d be NO better off”……..meaning……it’s the same thing with the late updates and Android on ATT.

  • malcom_g

    I have a new 920 and i just installed the updates, but no amber is available . I check under extras_info, and other places but nothing. when I check the updates using nokia update, it told me the phone is up to date. please help how can i get the amber update. On my old 920 i didn’t experienced such problem , this one is the second one.