Would you use a Windows Phone device with no hardware buttons? [Poll]

windows phone no buttons

Over on Reddit there is a good discussion going on about whether Windows Phone devices should lose their hardware capacitive buttons. This got us thinking about the idea of a Windows Phone device with on-screen virtual buttons, like some of the newer Android devices. People on Reddit seem opposed to the idea, but what do you think?

Personally, I love virtual buttons. They offer a level of flexibility that hardware buttons never can. Virtual buttons can disappear while watching videos to give you more screen real estate, they can change depending on what you are doing, and you can do gestures (like the slide-up on Home to open Google Now).

Nokia has already played with this idea on the N9, a device that had almost no physical buttons. They have also added things like double-tap to wake on Windows Phone devices that would make having buttons unnecessary. Would you buy a phone with no physical buttons? Let us know in the poll below!

  • Sondrek17

    Do the Windows phone virtual buttons turn off during use? When I watch movies on my HTC titan the lights NEVER turns off. They stay lighten up always. Did that change in windows phone 8?

  • bikdav

    I think that there should be at least a power button and home-screen button. But, the others don’t need to be physical buttons.

  • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

    FACT = “Touch panels” ARE part of the hardware.

  • Matthew Merrick

    That’s a device by device thing. The OEM has to add that. I’ve seen the buttons on the Ativ S Neo, at least, completely dissappear.

  • harveysjag

    Yes. My Nokia N900 had no hardware buttons except for volume, power, etc. Everything was done by swiping in from the sides. It was great, it would also bring the experience to that of my Surface tablet, with just the home button.

  • Sondrek17

    I see, thank you.

  • Perrins57

    Do away with them, they are a pain.

  • It_Is_Boogie

    If hardware buttons are eliminated, I would like to see edge to edge screen with the option of docking the button tray on the screen. Still would like dedicated power, volume and camera buttons on the side.