‘LEGO Hero Factory – Brain Attack’ comes to Windows Phone and Windows 8

hero factory

If you like LEGO’s…wait a minute, who doesn’t like LEGOs? Since you like LEGOs you will be happy to hear that LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack is now available for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 devices. This game is popular on other platforms, so we’re glad to get it too. LEGO Hero Factory is about much more than playing with LEGOs. It’s an in-depth action game.

Build your way to victory

The goal of the game is the defend Makuhero City from waves of enemy brains attacking the Hero Factory. You can customize your hero and sidekick to fight the brains. There are many different types of weapons and armor to choose from. of course you can also purchase even more to choose from by defeating enemies and earning points.

hero factory 2

Hero Factory has great 3D graphics and easy-to-use controls. This is the type of high-end game we want more of on Windows Phone. The phone version will set you back $0.99 while the Windows 8 version is completely free. And don’t worry, you won’t accidentally step on a LEGO. Ouch.

download WP

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