Microsoft brings back classic Windows 95 game ‘Hover!’


Back in the day new versions of Windows came with more than just Solitaire. One of the many things included with Windows 95 was a futuristic game called “Hover.” The game was basically a souped-up version of capture-the-flag, but it was still a ton of fun. Microsoft has brought the game back into modern times by turning it into a web-based game.


In Hover you are the pilot of a hovercraft. The gameplay is very simple: all you do is drive the hovercraft around and try to collect flags from the opposing team. The first team to collect three flags wins. You can collect power-ups, such as jump, shield, walls, and invincibility to help you win. Watch out for redirects and flag-stealing mines throughout the level.

I spent many hours playing this game on my family’s first PC. There was just something so cool about it. Did you play this game too? Nostalgia is a powerful drug, and Microsoft is wielding it strongly today. Try not to waste too much time playing Hover…now if only I could find this last flag!

P.S. Type “Bambi” on the main screen for a suprise…


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