Microsoft wants HTC to put Windows Phone on Android devices


Nokia currently holds nearly 90% of the Windows Phone pie, and some could argue that this is not very healthy for a platform. Microsoft also now owns that 90%, which makes things even more interesting. Microsoft has said they are still dedicated to other OEMs, but there isn’t much incentive for them to pump out Windows Phone devices. They are trying to fix that.

Bloomberg is reporting that Microsoft and HTC are in talks to drop the licensing fee from Windows Phone. Usually OEMs pay a fee in order to use Windows Phone on their device, just like Windows PC makers do. With Google giving Android away for free it’s hard to convince a company to pay for a OS with tiny marketshare. Waving the license fee is just the tip of the iceberg.

Sources claim that Terry Myserson, head of the operating systems division, wants HTC to put Windows Phone on Android devices. We’re not just talking about re-purposing the hardware, either. He wants devices to dual-boot Android and Windows Phone. We’re not so sure that would be a good idea.

Head-to-head not so kind

We obviously love Windows Phone a lot around here, but there are many big flaws with the platform. Lack of big name apps and support from Google are two of the biggest. Android, on the other hand, has millions of apps and amazing Google integration. Put that side-by-side with Windows Phone and users will make the obvious choice. Dual-booting might make people more willing to try WP, but we’re afraid it would just end up confirming their doubts about the platform.

We’re interested to hear your thoughts on this story. Do you think it would be a good idea to have a device that runs Windows Phone and Android? Would you buy one? Let us know below!

[via Phandroid]

  • Boas Andreasen

    no, just no

  • Honestly, I’m not sure what to think. I’ve always dreamt of multi-boot OS smartphones!

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I think it would be the true test to Windows Phone. Putting all apps aside, is Windows Phone awesome?

    I think it is, and I would use it a lot if I had a dual-boot phone. Maybe once the apps arrive people would be like “ok, I am now ready to move to Windows Phone. I have been loving it on my dual-boot device.”

  • Florin N

    Having Android on the same device would make the WP situation even worse.This way not many will try it, not to mention SWITCH to it.
    Maybe a nice hardware would make someone switch to WP from Android.Having an HTC One with WP would be a great idea, but an HTC One with dual-boot would only be great for Android.
    In order for one to like WP, he/she has to use it, customize it, make it their own.Not just try it like on display in a store.The standard interface when you see it in a store is awful, because of all the blank tiles with no info on them.So yeah…having the ability to dual-boot would have the same effect:
    Switch on -> Android/WP -> select WP -> Start -> “uuu…ugly interface” -> reboot -> select Android -> “back to what I’m used to”.

  • Lhea Starr

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAS, I would love this because the fact that Windows Only has Knock Off Instagram and Kock Offs to all the big games that are played like Candy Crush, this will be a way of showing WP8 users that Microsoft cares about its concerns and feeback because REALLY how do you expect someone to live without Candy Crush and be ok with it.

  • Lhea Starr

    SN: When I attending Oklahoma Christian University they gave us Mac books that allowed us to dual boot. Windows/Safari this was the Single GREATEST thing I ever seen in technology because it allowed us to have the best of BOTH worlds and because it was primarily an Apple based products we never seen an incident where the computer was compromised by a virus or anything of the sort. If Supply isnt meeting demand then you have to sell for 4.7 million just ask Blackberry. In my opinion Blackberry should have outlasted all of these companies, but people are so much into entertainment now a days they are less interested in having a business phone. However, Most people who had/have Blackberry/Windows also have abother device/tablet of a different OS like Android/iOS ….Why not put the two into one and call it Peanut Butter and Jelly …. Voila , Now the worlds happy.

  • L

    Maybe it’s better if WP can install apps which is designed for Android..