Microsoft is reportedly offering Android/Windows Phone dual-boot option to Samsung and Huawei also

sammy dual

Last week an interesting story popped up about Microsoft offering HTC the opportunity to create a device that can dual-boot Android and Windows Phone. The report also claimed that Microsoft would be waving the usual licensing fee that goes along with using Windows Phone. Today a new reports claims that HTC is not the only company getting this offer.

Eldar Murtazan, who has had an inconsistent track record on leaks, says that Microsoft is also offering the dual-boot deal to Samsung and Huawei. Eldar also says Microsoft is interested in devices that can run Android and Windows RT. Our stance on this dual-booting strategy is questionable at best. It might be a way to get more people to try Windows, but if it’s not compelling they will never boot into it again.

If the top OEMs started offering dual-booting phones would it help Windows Phone? Or would it hurt the OS in the long run?

[via Unwiredview]

  • hakan

    I think dual boot is not an option… people can choose OS… one of them… android or WP8… that is good thing to do… because dual boot is going to make phone a crap… sharing sources is a massive problem… I choose.. I use… that’s all…

  • big

    i would like to try that way i can have the best of both worlds

  • Florin

    you’re an idiot, competition will make both better. (like 2 software on the market) No one EVER say. There is an application like that let’s not make another one.
    This is like “belief and do now question”.