Nokia Lumia 920 now available for just $0.99

Lumia 920

As phones age they get cheaper and cheaper. This is the life of a gadget. The Nokia Lumia 920 is nearly one year old, which means it is getting a nice little price cut. Last month it dropped to just $49, but today it has dropped even further to a measly $0.99.

The 920 is getting old, and with the Lumia 925 arriving earlier this month, and some new phones coming later, it only makes sense for AT&T to phase it out. Still, the 920 is a solid phone with specs still in line with other high-end phones. If you don’t care about 1080p displays or quad-core processors this is an excellent price for a smartphone.

Hit up AT&T to snag this deal. GDR2/Amber should be finally arriving for the 920 in the next couple weeks, in case you were wondering.

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