Skype adding messaging sync across devices and platforms


In the past few years Skype has been transitioning to a cloud infrastructure. This puts more pressure on Skype’s own servers, but it also allows them to do some cool new stuff. One of the things they will be implementing soon is messaging sync. This is something that users who use Skype on several different devices will be glad to see.

As it is now, if you read a message in Skype on your PC it will still show up as unread when you check Skype on your phone. Cloud-syncing would make sure that what you see on your phone is what you see on your PC, and vice versa.

Another cool thing that Skype will be able to do with the new cloud infrastructure is offer Skype in places other than their apps. You could run Skype in a browser, similarly to how you can do Skype calls in Hopefully we see these features come to Windows and Windows Phone first.

[via Skype]

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