Microsoft Windows Gift Cards get redesigned before launch

new windows gift card 2

Old (left), New (right)

A few weeks ago a listing for Windows Gifts Cards popped up on Amazon and subsequently started the hype. Before that we had seen leaked images of what the gift cards could look like, but it seems that Microsoft has redesigned them. An internal slide about the new gift cards has been leaked by @Nawzil. The slide gives us some more information about the cards, and it also shows us their new look.

The tiny gift card image can barely be seen, but thanks to our Photoshop magic we have a big and clear mock-up of what it will look like. Nothing too special going on, and we do like it more than the original. It also follows Microsoft’s recent retail packaging design more closely. Looks aside, the leaked slide has some new info as well.

gift card slide

The slide says these gift cards will start showing up in stores around the launch of Windows 8.1. They can be used to purchase “games, apps, and more.” By “more” we assume they mean music, TV shows, and movies. The gift cards will be redeemable to one Microsoft account, and can be used in multiple Windows stores. The cards will be available in $10, $25, and $50 increments.

And that’s that. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for Windows 8.1. Will anyone be giving these out as presents this holiday season? They look like the perfect stocking stuffer for that Windows user on your list.

  • WHAT A HUGE DIFFERENCE!!! Now this one I do like a lot! :D (can’t help to think a softie actually read my whining comment from the other gift card post lol)

  • Ho Young Won

    I wonder how we redeem these gift cards on our Windows Phones…will there be an update to the Store?