Nokia “Batman” said to be the Lumia 1320…wait, Batman? [Update]


We usually don’t like to write articles about things that have no details, but we couldn’t pass this one up. @evleaks, the infamous Twitter leaker, has once again shared some info about an upcoming Nokia device. All he says is “Nokia Batman + Lumia 1320.” Woah, woah, woah…did you say Batman?


Nokia Batman is probably the coolest codename we have ever heard. Unfortunately that’s all we really know about this device. With a name like “1320” we would assume it’s a device somewhere in-between the 1520 and 1020, but with Nokia you never know. Now it’s time for you to speculate with us. What would a phone codenamed “Batman” have to offer? A utility belt?

UPDATE: Tom Warren says the the handset will be slightly above the Lumia 625 in Nokia’s product line (now you see why we said you can never go off the number scheme). The Batman will be a low-end device with 4.7-inch display and 5MP camera.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Again with the names. It’s the 1320, but it’s not better than the 1020. In fact, it will be above the 625. LOL. Oh, and it’s called Batman.