Forum Talk: Check out these 5 new games from our forums!


Welcome to another addition of Forum Talk! Last week we told you about our new Ask a Question button, but today we are back to highlighting content. This week we are focusing on some new games that have been posted in the forums. Developers share their new games in the Windows Phone Games section. Here are a few recent ones.

Griddlers 3D Metal Edition


Griddlers 3D is logic puzzle. Colors and 3D makes it more fun and challenging. The metal edition has 40 new levels to keep you buys. Griddlers is known also as Picross, Nonograms, Hanjie, Paint by Numbers,  Japanese Crosswords.

Office Madness

office madness

Mad is a coffee addict young office clerk who has spent years working under mountains of endless documents. Tired of his job, in his imaginary world his office has become a prison from which you must help him to escape! Office Madness is a single player platform game which introduces unique and fun action/puzzle mechanics that will test your skill through different departments of the company.



Make the most of the intensity of this game and help the brave little hero to escape from the clutches of the high priest that will do everything possible to retain the fire. Travel to the impressive world of Aztecs, while you fight the epic battle between good and evil.

Sum! Sum! Zero!


sum! sum! zero! is a board game for two players, where you have to find the best strategy to defeat your opponent by adding score, or staying as close as possible to zero. Force your opponent to get a worse score than yours.

Vegetable Slicer

veg slicer

Love slicing games, but sick of slicing fruit? Vegetable Slicer is the game for you. It has the same basic mechanics as other fruit slicing games, but this time you can take your revenge on those nasty green vegetables you have to eat as a kid.

Have fun with these games, and be sure to check our forums for more stuff like this! (Click the game titles to go to the forum post with download info) Have a great weekend!

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