Show us your Windows Phone Start Screen!

start screen

If there is one thing that users of smartphones love to do its customization. Android is full of icon packs and custom launchers, and iOS has a thriving jailbreaking community creating custom themes. Windows Phone has a lot of customization built right in to the OS, but there is also some you can do on your own, and with the help of certain apps.

Today we’d like to see how our readers set-up their Start Screens! In the comments you can attach an image with the button highlighted below. If there is any special app you have used to create your look be sure to mention it. If you lack inspiration the websites is a great place to see other Start Screen set-ups. Show us what you got!


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  • Here is mine!

    Lumia 925

  • jamicamp

    lumia 521

  • saminsomniac


  • What did you use for the custom icons?

  • cam

    That awesome which app did you use to make the smaller icons?

  • Ruufus

    920 – GD2 finally!
    I change my layout about once a month. Wish they have 2 by 1 and 4 and 1 tiles also. I think 4 by 2 large tile is a bit big.

  • Simply The Doctor

    Lumia 521

  • Oooh I really like that color combination.

  • David Seijas

    Lumia 521

  • saminsomniac

    Skinery !

  • Ophurio

    The blue one looks kinda cool, but that’s thing I really don’t like about the new Windows Phone or Windows 8 start is you can’t have a background image. That just seems standard to have yet they don’t have it.

  • cam

    Awesome Thanks

  • colphoenix

    Looks real good, which app you use for the time tile? thanks!

  • Marco Gomes

    Congrats on a very cool look. Excelent. I love it!!

  • Elitana

    I am constantly changing my screen on my Nokia Lumia 920 as my needs change. This is what it looks like now scrolling from top to bottom. I like to add a bit of whimsy (using HeaderTiles and Pinbits apps) to fill spaces that would otherwise be blank. :)

  • Jonathan O.

    Windows Phone 8X :-)

  • Ettiennevl

    Love my lay out the way it is :)
    Almost never change it.

  • SVKNet

    How you got Tile Tile?

  • bad.jam


  • Kenice

    I think the time tile is called t:me me.

  • Mario Zabala

    This is my Lumia 925, made with 8.1 and Amazing Weather HD

  • mossrock

    looks great! I like the grey too!

  • L

    why your phone time says it’s 9:04 but your tile time says 8:20?

  • Donald Burr

    What Clock / Weather app is that

  • Donald Burr

    Can’t find any app even close to this name? Anyone find this?

  • Donald Burr

    Found the Time Tile App… TimeMe one word just like I typed it

  • Abil Ahamed

    when i saw the ‘Header Tiles’ app, i thought about doing something different, and that it’d help me.. when i was done with that, i heard about the ‘wiztiles’ and thought i could hang up a pic on my start screen.. so i used the joker.. but actually there is another poster with the batman on the back side of tile, which flips and makes it beautiful.. and for the connectivity shortcuts, i used the ‘cool tiles’.. i don’t know guys, does it look good?
    Lumia 720

  • Using App Folder! :D

  • merlin294

    Huawei Ascend W1

  • Tommy

    (Lumia 1520)….

  • Prashant

    You should have added “Data Sense” also. It would show people how can they keep an eye upon their data uses, if they are not on unlimited plan. BTW, Awesome look.