Joe Belfiore: Lack of key apps is still biggest problem for Windows Phone

joe belfiore

Earlier this week Microsoft announced Update 3 for Windows Phone 8 devices. This update is a big step in the future of Windows Phone and future updates, but there is still a lot of work to do. Joe Belfiore, the head of the Windows Phone team, spoke with All Things D about Update 3 and the future.

Belfiore was asked if he thinks Microsoft is doing enough to catch up with Android and iOS. He says that Microsoft is doing a lot that isn’t visible to outsiders. Update 3 is a perfect example of this. Microsoft surprised everyone by allowing users to download the update on day 1 without carrier interference.

Belfiore also spoke about Windows Phone’s problems. He says the biggest hole remains to be the lack of key apps. The best thing Microsoft can do for Windows Phone is to make the platform more attractive to developers and OEMs. That is exactly what they are doing in Update 3. Belfiore and Microsoft seem to be on the right track, but will it matter if no one notices?

  • Allowing any WP user (with eligible device) to download the update without carrier interference is beautiful.

    I had to stray from the Nexus line of Android phones with my most recent update, and the delays in getting new Android versions is infuriating… even when they’re almost unnoticeable from an end-user aspect, it still bugs me knowing I’m on an old version. This is exactly the kind of thing a growing mobile OS needs to do to keep users happy and coming back.

  • Mike E. Delta

    They need to see these app developers apathy as a threat, they need to treat them as an enemy and get them dangerously close…like even if they have to send “people” to watch them and keep them close by. Their apprehension is a direct and clear assault on the platform where any admission that they are “waiting for adoption to grow/the market get bigger” is like them saying, “yeah, that won’t happen, they should just give up” and thus they should CRUSH THEM! >=[

  • ratnok

    Uhmmm… Ok.