Is Microsoft’s “Scroogled” campaign working? Research firm says it is


Microsoft is a company that usually has a dozen different advertising campaigns going on at once. One of those is the highly scrutinized “Scroogled” campaign. If you’re not familiar with Scroogled it’s basically just Microsoft trying to show the world how evil Google is. We have been critical of these ads in the past, but it looks like they may be working.

Research done by a 3rd party firm claims that Scroogled has been “a win” for Microsoft. The firm says that after users visit the Scroogled website their favor-ability for Google services drop from 45% to a measly 5%. The chances that a friend will recommend Google drop by 10%, and Bing increases by 7%.

Have you noticed any difference in the perception of Google and Bing since Scroogled? Personally don’t know anyone that doesn’t use Google. I use Bing on my phone, but only because it’s built-in. I haven’t transitioned to Bing on the desktop. What about you? Let us know below!

[via CNET]

  • Edgar Cervantes

    I have never heard a person recommend Bing. lol

  • Jiro K

    I thing bing is under yahoo