Excellent Twitter app ‘Tweet It!’ on sale for $0.99 this week only

Tweet it wp8

It’s been a while since we mentioned Red Stripe Deals, but today we couldn’t pass it up. The excellent, and highly underrated, Twitter app “Tweet It!” is included in the deals this week. From now until next week you can snag Tweet It! for just $0.99 in the Windows Phone Store.

Some of the unique features for Tweet It! include Bed Mode (orientation lock), Street Mode (clear background for reading and walking), one click Tweet what you’re listening to, gestures, adjustable font size, and spellchecking. All of these features are great, but we’ve saved the best for last.

Tweet It!’s single greatest feature is location-based reminders. Toast notifications for mentions and messages can be great, but not if you’re already in front of a computer. With Tweet It! you can choose a spot on a map and tell it to only show notifications when you are outside of that spot. It’s a seriously awesome feature that every app should have.

Download Tweet It! for $0.99 or free trial below for Windows Phone 8.

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