6tag is just getting scary good, version 2.0 adds collages and themes

6tag 2

When talking about certain 3rd-party Windows Phone apps we often make the claim that they are “better than the official app.” No app showcases that more than 6tag by Rudy Huyn. Chances are you’ve heard of Rudy and his amazing work as a Windows Phone developer. 6tag is his awesome Instagram app, and with the latest update it just got even more awesome.

One thing that Instagram users like to do is create collages. Instead of uploaded several different images separately they use external apps to put them into a nice collage. There are a lot of apps out there that do this one small task, but in the latest 6tag update you won’t need them anymore. It is not possible to create a collage with 6tag.

Just tap the horizontal or vertical icon button and a new space will be added to the collage. Tap a space and the image icon to add an image. You can even add filters to the individual photos and change the color, thickness, and roundness of the border. It’s dead simple to use and makes 6tag that much better than an official app.

Rudy didn’t stop there. He also added two new themes to 6tag. To go along with the existing light theme there is now a dark theme and black and white theme (from left to right in the image above). The timeline is also slightly different now as photos take up the entire width of the screen. The look is more bold and beautiful. There is no reason to not own this app. Download it below for free.

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  • justd80010

    yeah, even if an official app became available I would continue to use 6tag.

  • Pookiewood

    I don’t use instagram but that is like 4th and Mayor and Foursquare. 4NM was one of the first truly great apps for WP and when Foursquare finally came around I was already too invested in 4NM.