DualShot developer chronicles journey to 100,000 downloads in 20 days

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Our friend Sébastien Lachance and his design partner Vincent Gosselin released an app a couple of weeks ago called DualShot. We wrote about this app on launch day, and even made a video review involving kittens. Since then the app has seen a lot of success come its way, and Sébastien wrote about their journey over on his blog.

Sébastien writes about how DualShot started life with more restrictions than most apps. It can only work on Windows Phone 8 devices that have front and rear cameras. Because of that DualShot can’t run on the uber popular Lumia 520, which already puts them at a disadvantage.

On September 16th the app was released, and along with it came articles on sites much like this one. In that 48 hour period DualShot was downloaded around 13,000 times. The initial success made DualShot appear on several lists in the Windows Phone Store, such as New+Rising, plus it was featured on the homepage. In 20 days the app has surpassed 100,00 downloads.

Sébastien and Vincent haven’t made any money from DualShot, but they did have a ton of fun building it and watching the launch. Check out the link below to read Sébastien’s full story on DualShot’s launch. It’s a great read from a great developer. Download DualShot here if you haven’t already.


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