Hands-on with Facebook for Windows 8.1/RT [Video]

Yesterday, after over 3 months of waiting, the official Facebook app for Windows 8 was finally released. Turns out they were just waiting for Windows 8.1 to launch. We’ve got Microsoft’s latest version of Windows up and running on our devices and we decided to give the Facebook app a try. Is it better than using a web browser? Let’s find out.

On my Surface RT, before the Facebook app was released I simply pinned the Facebook website to my Start Screen. Internet Explorer is a perfectly capable browser, and the Facebook site works fine with touch input. The only thing I really couldn’t do very well was messaging. Now that there is a Facebook app I can see just how delusional I was. The app is way better than the website.

facebook windows 8

The app looks like a mash-up between the Facebook website and phone app. The News Feed acts much like it does in any web browser, but the columns on the left and right look more like the phone app. The combination works really well. It’s nice to have messaging always in the right column and shortcuts on the left. You can also see messages in cull screen if you so choose.

The new Snap View and live tile sizes are all supported in the new Facebook app, except for the skinny size in Snap View. You are also supposed to be able to share to the app from anywhere with the Share Charm, but I couldn’t get that to work. Overall the app adds a much-needed level of “touch-ability” to Facebook. If you’re using the website version I think the app is a definite improvement.

Download Facebook for Windows 8.1/RT below for free.

download Win8

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