HP ShapeShifter & HP Slate Voice Tab are real, but what are they?


Get your thinking caps on, it’s time for some speculation! We’ve been trolling trademark and patent filings today and we’ve discovered a couple interesting names from HP. By the names it appears they are Windows 8 or RT devices, but there is probably more going on here. Let’s take a look.

HP ShapeShifter

It doesn’t take a genius to see this name and guess what it might be. Since the launch of Windows 8 we’ve seen many device with transforming form factors. The Lenovo Yoga, Asus Taichi, ThinkPad Helix, Dell XPS 12, etc. The list goes on. The HP ShapeShifter could be something similar.

There are a few main “shape shifter” form factors for HP to choose from. You can go the Yoga route with a screen that can hinge in 360 degrees. They could also go the table route with optional or included keyboard docks. It’s also possible HP may have a brand new form factor up their sleeves.

HP Slate Voice Tab

HP has used the “Slate” name for tablets in the past, so we’re pretty sure this will be another one (the “Tab” part kinda gives it away too). Past HP Slate’s have ranged in sizes and operating system. Most of them have run Windows, but a few had Android. This one could also be an Android tablet.

The most interesting part of this name is definitely the “Voice” part. It sounds like this is a tablet with some sort of advanced voice technology built-in. If this is a Windows tablet could it have some Kinect listening built-in? Or maybe this is the first time we see Cortana?

What do you think about these filings? Will anything come from them? Are you intrigued?

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