Nokia World Recap: Lumia 1520, Instagram for Windows Phone, and more! [Video]

Early this morning Nokia World happened across the world in Abu Dhabi. We stayed up all night to report on it, but we’re sure many of you did not (unless you live across the world, too). It was a really great show with some exciting announcements for Windows Phone and Windows. Here is our recap of everything that happened at Nokia World.

Lumia 1520


Bam. The Nokia phablet has arrived…and ┬áit’s exactly what we expected. It has a mammoth 6-inch display with 1080p resolution and quad-core processor, both firsts in a Windows Phone device. The camera is a 20MP PureView with all the great tech from the Lumia 1020, just with a smaller bump on the back. It will be available on AT&T.

Lumia 1320


The Lumia 1320 is a slightly lower spec’d version of the 1520. It has the same 6-inch display size, but only 720p resolution. The camera is just 5MP and the processor is only dual-core. Before you read anything about the 1520 these specs would seem awesome, but now they are considered “low-cost.” The 1320 will only cost $339 off-contract.

Instagram & Vine

instagram windows phone

The most exciting announcement from Nokia World may have been Instagram. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop announced that Instagram for Windows Phone will arrive in the “coming weeks.” He also said Vine will be coming soon as well. Instagram is one app that Windows Phone desperately needs. Hopefully “coming weeks” doesn’t mean “months.”

Nokia Camera

nokia camera

Nokia has a lot of great camera software, but right now they have it spread out among a few apps. Nokia announced a new camera app simply called “Nokia Camera” that will combine them all. Smart Camera, Pro Camera, and more will all be accessible inside one single app. Camera buffs will surely love this.

Nokia Lumia 2520


Last, but certainly not least, is the Lumia 2520 tablet. This is Nokia’s very first venture into the tablet market. The 2520 has a 10-inch 1080p display that Nokia has made sure works great in sunlight. It has a quad-core Qualcomm processor, 6.7MP ZEISS camera, and optional Power Keyboard to add 5 hours of battery life.

What was the best thing from Nokia World? Were you disappointed with anything?

  • Julien Roberts

    Now all you need is snapchat and windows would have almost all the basic apps.