This is what Instagram for Windows Phone looks like

instagram for windows phone

Yesterday Nokia announced that Instagram will be arriving on Windows Phone in the “coming weeks.” They only showed a quick glimpse of the app, but since then Microsoft has shown a full screenshot of the app. We loaded up the screenshot on our favorite device to see what it will look like in action. We have to admit it looks pretty nice.

The big question everyone will have is “is it better than 6tag?” Right now we can’t test features, though we bet 6tag wins in that comparison, but we can compare design. Below is a side-by-side look at Instagram and 6tag. We’ve always thought 6tag had the look of an official app, and below you can see just how similar they are.

instagram v 6tag

There are subtle differences in things like where the user name and avatar appear, but they both have basically the same buttons in the top and bottom bars. Functionality is what will really set these apps apart. 6tag has a head start, and is already better than the iOS and Android apps. We’ll wager it remains better forever. Still, it’s important to have the official app.

Which one will you use?

  • Boas Andreasen

    I will probobaly use the official app, because then i get free video upload

  • Yat Man

    I’m frankly surprised Instagram didn’t recognize the beauty and elegance of Rudy’s work and just license or buy it flat out. I believe you can upload videos for free from his app to though.

  • Mike E. Delta

    I’ll download the app fine, but will still use 6tag…show appreciation for those who were there from the Start. =p

  • nishantsirohi123

    I don’t always pay for apps
    but when i do, it is developed by independent developers and not mega corporations

  • syeda


  • azhar

    Rudy gave entertainment and help to windows phone user. while other apps maker and companies were busy with android and ios