AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520 will only have 16GB of storage and no wireless charging

att butcher

As we found out on Tuesday, the Nokia Lumia 1520 phablet will only be available on AT&T. That alone makes a lot of people upset, but it gets worse. We’ve found out that AT&T will be mangling their version of the 1520 with some lesser specs. Cue the Debbie Downer noise.

During Nokia World the Lumia 1520 was touted as having 32GB of internal storage. Unfortunately the Lumia 1520 for AT&T listed on Nokia’s website shows only 16GB of storage. The good news is that the 1520 is expandable up to 64GB with a micro-SD card. But wait, it gets worse.

On AT&T’s website the Lumia 1520 has its own “Coming Soon” page. One spec that is missing from the page is wireless charging. There is an image of the back of the phone where we can clearly see the three contacts for a wireless charging case instead of it being built-in. We don’t have to explain the logic there. (Hint: sell cases = $$$)

These are unfortunate omissions. This is likely AT&T strong arming Nokia into doing something they don’t want to do. Let’s face it, Microsoft and Nokia need AT&T a lot more than AT&T need them. What are your thoughts on these changes?

Thanks Nik, Mark, and Sam!


  • Chris

    Its total bs … att has lost me and a ton of customers from this… i have been with then for ten years when it was still cingular…but this is it im done…and from the message boards and forums i am not alone

  • Robert Delapoza

    att still has the best win phone selection. For that I love att. That said, if the OS would allow apps on the storage card then this isn’t a big deal. Currently I have about 10gb of apps with 1.6 gb for the OS. My apps seem to require me to have at least 4gb to work properly, IE halo, asphalt, modern combat etc. That’s why this isn’t good news to me. 32 gb isn’t enough on my 920. :(

  • Vincent Bell

    I walked into At and T to browse. I have a 920, but wanted to see what the store workers, knew and had to say. I was pushed away from any phone with the Windows OS. I was told, you don’t want that phone, lets look at an iPhone. Even mentioned Android, and was told the same. Windows has a great OS, and fantastic phones. But, if the stores tell normal consumers the phone and os is horrible, how can they compete?

  • CSJr

    I will have my 32GB Qi built in Lumia 1520 with or without AT&T. If I have to go with the international version, then that means I only have to wait for 2 other contracts to expire on the family plan. < 1 year.

  • HerrinSchadenfreude

    This is an idiotic move by AT&T and it will cost them a customer as I will now pay the ETF to get out of their contract, sell my 920 and buy the international 1520 with original specs and take it right back to TMo where I started before the 920 came out.

  • Art

    I am also going to bail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kat

    I was going to get this device but because it only has 16 gigs internal storage, I will not get it. The problem is that sure it has a micro sd card but you cannot load your apps on that card and after you load all the software that you need to run the phone on you are left with only 11 gigs for other apps.
    This is just not acceptable so I will continue to wait.
    I wish that att did not change what microsoft had originally put on the phone if it had 32 gigs internal storage I would have bought this phone.
    Also the lumia 1020 was very appealing but there was no micro sd card on that phone, otherwise I would have bought that phone.
    It looks like the consumer loses again.

  • James

    Fuck you ATT! (As I renew my 2 year contract :/, damn family plans.)