Windows Phone built-in Twitter integration using excessive data use, are you affected?


Is your data usage higher than it should be? You might be having the same problem that other Windows Phone users are having. Microsoft has confirmed that the built-in Twitter integration has an issue that causes excessive data use.

According to Microsoft, the issue comes from a change in the Twitter backend that causes the People Hub to download profile images for Twitter contacts very frequently. Some users have reported up to 530MB of data use just from the People Hub in the last month. Microsoft does not know when a fix will be implemented, but there is a solution now.

If you find that you are one of the affected users you can simply remove Twitter from your account until a fix is released. To do that go to Settings>Email + Account>long press Twitter>press delete. Use a Twitter app to get your tweets until Microsoft finds a fix.

[via The Verge]

  • Ahmad Samhan

    my PeopleHub uses around 130MB (right now) since last month. and yes I have twiter intergrated.