‘Lumia Black’ update will add more notifications to Glance Screen

glance lumia black

One of the cool features that Lumia devices have is Glance Screen. This feature displays information on the screen when the phone is idle. In its current form you can only see the time and a little icon if you have an alarm turned on. With the upcoming Lumia Black (Bittersweet Shimmer) update Nokia will add more functionality.

Something that many people have been wanting on Glance Screen is more notifications, and that is indeed coming. The same notifications you see across the bottom of the lock screen will now show up on the Glance screen, plus the number of steps you’ve taken. Nokia is also added the ability to change the colors and background of the Glance screen.

The notifications will make Glance infinitely more useful. Now you will literally be able to glance at your phone to see if there is anything that needs attention. Lumia Black will come on the Lumia 1520 and 1320, and it should start rolling out to current devices in the next few weeks.

[via The Verge]

  • Matthew Rhodes

    Android user here… I’ve been spying on Nokia/Windows and with each and every update they push. It looks damn good! I used to have a Lumia 1920? I think that’s what it was. And I loooooove the minimal look out of the box. But, none of the Android apps I had on the other phone was found on their store so, I got rid of the Lumia. Once Windows gets their act together with the mobile store. I just might take the leap back to good ole Nokia!

  • Vincent Bell

    Glance seems to cause excessive drain on my battery, when I keep the phone in my pocket. LOL. It keeps the screen on. Simple fix, off during day, on at bed.

  • Mr. ASCII

    The Glance screen shouldn’t turn on in your pocket, the proximity sensor suppresses it to prevent needless battery drain. Glance has been an amazing addition to my Lumia 920 and I haven’t noticed any appreciable difference in battery life precisely because of this.

  • Vincent Bell

    i will run a check again. Battery drain started when i updated to glance, but other updates were also present. I love the feature, and it will only get better with updates.